Friday, January 05, 2007

And the word is .... sarcastic

This is how the conversation went...

Me: So is our boss back from vacation yet?
S: No, he is not due back till next week.
Me: Oh. Did he go anywhere interesting?
S: He's in Hawaii.
Me: I really feel bad for him.
S: Huh??
Me: Oh, I didn't mean that. I was just being...uh. Hmmm.
S: So how's the baby?

It then took me another few hours (ok, it took me a day) to finally recall the word I was looking for. The word was sarcastic. You'd think that because I have been SARCASTIC all my life that it would be a word that I would never forget. Nope. Brain cells are currently being burned off by sleep deprivation that soon I will no longer recall .... uh, recall....hmmm.


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