Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New fears ahead and some good news

Well, let's start with the good news. I went into the office today to negotiate a return date with my boss. I went in set to ask for one more week. He actually offered to let me work from home for another week at least or as long as I would need. I was so speechless and grateful.

It looks as though I will need all that extra time. I came home after being out for 2 hours to s crying her head off. Nny looked like she was about to tear her hair out. g was just playing in the living room. There doesn't seem to be anything that she could do to calm s down. She fed her, changed her, burped her and was carrying and comforting her. So finally I took s from her. She calmed down immediately. I think s might have an early case of separation anxiety. s was still a little annoyed and cranky. It is really difficult to see her so angry, so upset. I didn't anticipate having this problem with someone so young. g definitely didn't have this problem. I guess the difference also with g was that my parents were here to care for her.

So what to do?


Martha said...
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The He Family Blog said...

I am glad you can stay home a bit longer. Two months is really not enough although I know you are a vibrant person who probably needs the excitement of something other than staying at home.

And I hope you have recovered from your cold/flu. This winter has been brutal despite the warmth.

By the way, do you know Martha? Or am I the only one who thinks the comment is rude and out of place?

theFamilyC said...

Fully recovered now from the flu. Martha is a troll. Just some of the hazards of having a public blog - occasionally you will get one of these people who really need something better to do.