Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I can't really think right now. I got news from Auntie K that one of her friend's daughter (I think she's around 3-4 years old) has just died in her sleep. There isn't much information yet, but I am stunned. The Family C had vacationed with them to Virginia a little over a year ago. She was not ill and had no major complaint that evening except a slight fever. I cannot imagine how that could be. I cannot imagine what I would feel. There is nothing that could prepare a parent for the death of her child.

That was what Gmom was trying to tell me tonight. That's probably why she told me that she was going to brew some bitter orange drink for g tomorrow. g's been coughing on and off and have had a cold for a few days now. G & I were pretty out of sorts for about 2 weeks through the holidays. It was the worst cold/flu/cough combo I have had in a while and I think it has more to do with my not being able to take any medication.

I want to say something. I want to do something. But there really isn't anything that can ease. I can't imagine how I would survive knowing I would never be able to cuddle up to little g or to blow into s' little belly.

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The He Family Blog said...

Life seem so fragile when news of that sort hit us. It makes those around us so much more precious. I couldn't help but looked at Ethan with deep thoughts yesterday, as soon as I got to see him after work, and wondered how life would be without him. I couldn't picture it anymore. Ethan is a part of me and a part of my family.

I would like to know what happened. Hard to believe the little girl just didn't wake up.