Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New leaf turned or an anamoly

I took the first shift last night so that F could get some rest. We put baby s down to bed at 11:30 pm after a bottle of milk. I went to bed shortly after that. Aside from her usual grunts and noises she slept until 4:30 am last night. While for many regular folk being awakened at 4:30 in the morning sucks, that's considered a steep improvement for s. Her grunts at 3:30 am actually woke me up. I thought for sure she'd be hungry by then but she kept sleeping for another hour while I laid in a light sleep expecting the inevitable. At 4:30 am I feed s and then woke up F to feed her some more. According to F, after another 15 minutes of feeding, baby s feel back asleep til 9 am this morning.

Was last night a fluke or is a the inflection point I have been hoping for? In the eyes of baby s, she did have a traumatic day. In the morning we took her to the doctor and she got 4 shots in her legs for various disease preventions. Maybe she was so stressed out by the experience that she was left exhausted. We'll see how tonight goes.


jac said...

How is s doing so far last night? I picture the hard times you've been going through. Don't loose faith. If only I could do something.. Well, for now, I guess my best shot is to offer my prayers that you guys could sleep tight tonight and the nights ahead and for everything to go into right place.

We love you. We miss you.


Wish I could be there to help. Maybe I will take them during their teenage years... So, what do you think of parenting now? Does it still suck?