Monday, January 29, 2007

A cheap thrill

I did not expect to be one of "those" mothers who would be thrilled at the sound of their kids' voices. Really, I hear it all the time. Believe me with the way g makes herself heard, there is no way I could not hear her when I am at home. Today though is different. G had called me at work for some rudimentary question concerning where something was in the kithen. We were about to hang up when he asked, "do you want to speak to g?" Usually "speaking to g" really means a couple of seconds of my talking in a typical sing-song mommy voice into the receiver while receiving dead air as a response. Oddly since g has known how to "use" a phone for months now and knows how to talk into one, she always seemed genuinely surprised when she hears something other than nothing on the receiver. She would typically just look at the phone incredelously with a "what's going on here?" expression on her little face. When asked to say hello or goodbye, she would wave at the phone, remaining mum. However today little g got on the phone and said "he-yo" like a wannabe immigrant receptionist. I was beside myself. It was definite "awww" moment. Definitely made the workday a little brighter.

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