Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Now...a comment for Commenters

I am not sure exactly what the blog etiquette is, but here's what I was thinking of doing. I make sure to read all comments, but am not quite sure how to respond. Do I respond with a private email? Do I add a new post about the comment? Or do I just comment below the comment?

I think I will take the third option of commenting below the comment. So from here on out, if you want to see a response to your comment, it will be found underneath your comment filed with the original post.

Thanks to everyone who has been following along and commenting especially Auntie K, Jac, JW and a's mommy



... another request for more videos. :)

theFamilyC said...

we'll try, Auntie K. However since g has figured out that the camera manufactures such cute images of herself, she would no longer "perform" when the camera is out. She only wants to watch herself.

theFamilyC said...
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