Monday, January 22, 2007

The special for this evening is ----- Chicken Francese

The recipe that I used is this one from

F comments:

I am a fan of Chicken Francese, but generally speaking this recipe was way too lemony, very sour. Now I am not sure if the cheap wine we used had anything to do with it, but this recipe elicited a pucker on the first taste. So I tried to save it by counteracting the sour with a little more salt. I had intended to simmer some pasta in the sauce but decided not to because of the taste. However I have found that putting in on pasta in small doses wasn't bad at all. The dish turned out ok but strictly following the recipe would have made the sauce inedible.

I am sure I will make this again but more adjustments (scale back on the lemon, purchase some decent wine) are needed for it to rate a thumbs-up.

G's comments:
Cutlet may be a bit overcooked (cook's issue, not the recipe)


Anonymous said...

If big G is off his cholesterol scare and you got 2lbs of butter to spare then you should try butter braising. Can use it for practically anything but pork. Saw it on Simply Ming and dying to try it out... maybe dying is a bad choice of words.

theFamilyC said...

Thanks, anonymous. G's cholesterol is actual under control now due in small part to all the fish I have been ramming down his throat (though he will never admit that)and to better eating habits (less sugar, less popeye). Butter braising...hmmm. Sounds good and deadly. I won't rule it out but maybe after I have had a strenuous day of tennis (at high noon, of course.)