Monday, January 08, 2007

Would have had good news to report.... but not quite

For some who have been tracking my sleep training operation for baby s, I finally gave up last Saturday and just thought of letting her sleep/play/wake as she prefers. It actually turned out to be much better. On Saturday and Sunday, she slept better at night. She would have one good stretch of sleep (regrettably during the early part of the night - around 8:00 PM to midnight), but at least she was easier to put to sleep for all the other times she woke up. So I hae been trying to put her to sleep closer to a schedule. But why, F? Why are you messing with a formula that seems to be working? I have to. I return to work in less than a week. How could I survive with less than a few hours of fragmented sleep here and there.

I have never realized that my body would react that way to the lack of sleep. It is almost better for me to totally deprive myself of sleep rather than go for an hour or few minutes here and there. My body seems to be rebelling against the sleep tease that I have been giving it. Whereas when I went a couple of days without sleep, I was able to go about my day running on fumes but able to function.

I am also afraid for the nanny. Thus far, she has been charged to take care of g while I have been nursing and caring for s. I never realized that this would be a big deal. I was so wrong. Since I return to work next week, I decided that starting today we would start simulating my work schedule. The morning went ok, a few bumps but tolerable. G was here so that was ok. The afternoon was a nightmare. I had intended to leave them alone, but after s started going insane, I couldn't. She cried and carried on in the Nanny's arms. Nny tried to feed her, changed her diaper, rocked her, etc. Nothing calmed her until I finally took her into my arms. S quieted down immediately. I should be pleased but I am panicking. How will s survive my return to work?

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jac said...

It's a relief that you got a nny. Ama is really worried knowing that you got sick and s being hard on you guys. I guess, you just have to bear with her sleeping sched. My suggestion: maybe you can try shifting her position to sides while she's asleep so her back wont get hot, thus preventing her from being irritable. You can try it. I works for my kids.

If her reflexes are still strong, you can try putting pillows on her sides so she feels that somebody is beside her.

Ama is wondering when can you have time to take vacation here. I can sense that she feels worried. Sabi pa nga nya, if only she's on her 80s, she would fly there and help you out.

Good luck... Hope to see you soon. Always take care. Regards to G and g. She's so cute in her picture. And also, ama is asking if you could send more pictures of them.