Monday, January 22, 2007

s sleep - an update

I have posted this in response to some of the posters to my previous post on s' sleep:

"Thanks for all the posts. As I have mentioned s was really good last night at letting me co-sleep. I had a good night's sleep which is something I really needed since I had a client meeting this morning. So thefamilyc is actually relatively well-rested today."

Now is this the proverbial "turning of the corner"? I don't know but I most definitely don't want to get my hopes up. She has been alternately a good and bad sleeper depending on what week it is. I am trying though not to be too pessimistic. I am hoping that the co-sleeping works out for us. I will worry about weaning when that time comes. For now, I am enjoying my small doses of sleep.


jac said...

Its really nice to hear that you and s at least had a good sleep, though not all the time. The tip that I've suggested might be uncomfortable for s the first few times, but you've got to do it more often so she'll get used to it. For sure, she'll like it in the end.

It'll be good for you too, both of you can be well rested.

Some of the things I still do to make my babies sleep is 'tata' or 'soso' them while humming the lullaby song so the baby can feel my presence. Maybe you can ask your nanny to do the same thing. Can even play a radio or any music so s can be used to noise as well (though it didnt work to all of my babies yet you can try it out). Maybe s is very sensitive to noise that's why she's so cranky. The music thing, u can do it on her daytime sleep.

One of the routines pa I do to my children at that age is massaging their tummy with manzanilla. Baby oil will do but manzanilla or efficascent oil is better, not too hot for the baby's skin. I always do it to them usually in the afternoon or in the evening before going to sleep. It works! I strongly suggest that you to try it out. Just imagine, Irwin loves me doing that on him too!! He used not to like the odor of efficascent oil, but now, he even longs for it.

theFamilyC said...

Thanks, jac I will try the massage out although I might have to wait till I go back to get some manzanilla. I don't think we have efficascent oil here unless you know what it chemically breaks down to (ie peppermint oil? or lavender )

I do appreciate your tip on co-sleeping. That made me think of trying it again. Initially co-sleeping meant that I wouldn't be able to get much sleep because I would be so aware of her lying next to me. For the last few nights, I just slept and it was wonderful.

Thank Irwin for the videos he sent. I miss the kids. I love that video of Dylan dancing. It is so cute.